Changes in Women’s College Soccer

Soccer has always been kind of a men’s sport. When soccer first started women never really played, you always heard about the men playing. But overtime things have changed drastically, and I have gotten to witness most of the changes. In 1999 in the Women’s World Cup, the United States women’s soccer team changed girls’ soccer forever. All across the nation girls were watching the US tear it upon the field and win gold on US soil and that inspired so many young girls to be just like their role models. After that the number of girls entering the sport of soccer was overwhelming. Of course girls played soccer before then it was just not that popular. Now girls are getting involved in club soccer and changing the world of women’s college soccer every day. Girls are starting club soccer at the age of 6! So therefore you have a lot of great young players by the time recruiting for college comes around. The age of girls committing to college gets younger and younger every year. For example, I committed to play college soccer March of my junior year. A little under 2 years, my sister who is committed to play soccer March of her sophomore year to Stephen F. Austin University. It is amazing to see the sport I have grown up playing change tremendously over the years.


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