UMHB Women’s Soccer Update

Cru Women’s Soccer is off to a great start! The team is currently 7-2-1! Being apart of the women’s team I can see just how much the team is improving every practice! We have come a long way since the beginning of the season and honestly, since last year. The girl’s are working hard and showing out in practice, just like coach has asked of us. Every team starts off with rocky starts, even though they win games. Cru Soccer has done just that, but the fact that we are getting better everyday just means we are going to be harder and harder to beat every game.

This weekend is going to be a huge test for the Cru! On Friday we have McMurry University, but we are expected to come out on top at the end of the game. Saturday is a whole different ball game! We are competing against, Hardin Simmons University, and no one knows what the outcome of this game will be. If we win, we will get to host the ASC Conference Tournament. We definitely want to host!

So if you are around on or in town on Saturday, stop by and cheer on your UMHB Women’s Soccer Team! Admission is free to everyone…come one you can’t beat that!

Go CRU!!!!img_20160828_081952-1


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