Cru Women’s Soccer UPDATE

Hey Cru Nation,

Sadly, our season came to an end in the Semifinals on Friday. We were tied at halftime 0-0, but in the second half they scored on us early into the second half. We keep fighting but nothing was going our way. Every senior out there worked so hard to try to get us on the board. But it was awesome and sad to see so much passion poured out on the field for the last time by the seniors. They gave it everything that they had. In the end we couldn’t manage to keep up with UT-Tyler, we lost 3-0.

But for some good news, we had six players that received honors! Chelsea Grahamn was named Freshman Player of the Year, where as Courtney Craig was named Co-Goalkeeper of the Year. Two very influential players on the team that gave us a lot of offensive and defensive support.

Charis Brantley and Madison Link were named to the All-ASC First Team. These two defenders play pretty much the entire game. Each game they gave us their all and left it all on the field. Charis will be missed next year, but she has such a bright future ahead of her. Guys she is getting married in May!!!

Forward Kat Parker and Midfielder Sarah Rempe were also named to the All-ASC First Team. Kat Parker was one of our leading scorers for the season and gave us everything she had when she was on the field. Her powerful shots will be missed next year. Rempe still has one more year left with the Cru. She is a powerful play maker for the Cru and we are excited to see what she will do for us next year.

Read more about the player here!

Thank you guys for all of your support this season and we could not have made it as far as we did with out ya’ll!

God Bless and GO Cru!!!untitled_3



2 thoughts on “Cru Women’s Soccer UPDATE

  1. Cassidi, sorry that your season was cut short of y’all’s goal to be finals champs (no pun intended). It was a well fought season and y’all balled out! We are all very proud of what the Women’s soccer team accomplished. It’s good to hear that their was recognition where it was due.


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