Road to the Final Four

Well with UMHB women’s soccer season coming to an end, it’s time to turn our eyes to the NCAA Division 1 soccer!

The journey to the final four is under way and already surprising many people! The teams that you normally see in the bracket didn’t even make it past the second round or into playoffs! Where is Texas A&M?

Where is Duke?? They made it to the Final Four last year in North Carolina and they didn’t even make it into the playoffs this year. This is shocker. I would have expected to see this team at least in the playoffs.

Santa Clara? Who is this team? I don’t really know much other than I have never seen or heard of them in the playoffs! But they went 10-6-4, my best guess is they will not make it out of the second round against Stanford University, who went 18-1-1! Seeing Stanford in the playoffs is not big shock! They were there last year.

Can anyone guess who is in the playoffs again this year? Yup, you guessed it right…the University if North Carolina! They play Kansas who went 11-5-4, my best guess is that North Carolina will be moving on to the second round against Arkansas. Arkansas has had an outstanding season this year. Putting up a fight against some of the best university’s in the country.  They went 18-5-0. The goalkeeper for Arkansas has kept them in some of their toughest games this season. It was so much fun to watch her and as a fellow goalkeeper, she has done absolutely outstanding this season! She won Goalkeeper of the Week so many times!

Will the reigning Penn State bring home another NCAA championship? I got to see that game in North Carolina last year and watching them last year I think they can do it again this year. They have a stacked roster and didn’t lose very many seniors, so all of their best players are back!

You can watch the bracket here to see who moves on to the Final Four! word-press


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