Road to the Final Four – UPDATE!

Howdy Cru!

So I need to clarify some things! I had some teams wrong that I said weren’t in the playoffs, but they actually are!

Now that I got that all cleared up! Here are some huge shockers in the college soccer world! The 2014 NCAA Champions, Florida State, has been knocked out of the playoffs by Utah! Florida State was ranked third and get this, Utah wasn’t even ranked! That just shows anything can happen!

Texas A&M was in the playoffs but got knocked out in the second round to USC, which no one really saw coming either!

Get this…Penn State reigning NCAA Champions lost to Virginia in the second round, but you would think that Virginia would keep on winning. Wrong…they actually lost to Georgetown in the third round. I know what you are thinking…who is Georgetown? Ya, I don’t know either. But they went 18-2-3!!!

Maybe you can guess who made has made it to the top 8 teams…North Carolina! Do you think they can win another NCAA Championship?!

No one is surprised that Duke is back in the fight to make it to the Final Four. They were there last year, but lost to Penn State in the championship match! I am rooting for Duke this year to clinch the NCAA title!

So here are your Top 8 teams…

  • USC
  • Auburn
  • Duke
  • West Virginia
  • Santa Clara
  • South Carolina
  • Georgetown
  • North Carolina


You can watch all four matches on ESPN Nov. 25th and 26th!

You won’t want to miss these games! Who will come out on top and make it to the Final Four for a shot at the NCAA Title!

Keep up with live updates here!word-press-picture-2


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