Road to the Final Four – UPDATE!

Howdy Cru!

So I need to clarify some things! I had some teams wrong that I said weren’t in the playoffs, but they actually are!

Now that I got that all cleared up! Here are some huge shockers in the college soccer world! The 2014 NCAA Champions, Florida State, has been knocked out of the playoffs by Utah! Florida State was ranked third and get this, Utah wasn’t even ranked! That just shows anything can happen!

Texas A&M was in the playoffs but got knocked out in the second round to USC, which no one really saw coming either!

Get this…Penn State reigning NCAA Champions lost to Virginia in the second round, but you would think that Virginia would keep on winning. Wrong…they actually lost to Georgetown in the third round. I know what you are thinking…who is Georgetown? Ya, I don’t know either. But they went 18-2-3!!!

Maybe you can guess who made has made it to the top 8 teams…North Carolina! Do you think they can win another NCAA Championship?!

No one is surprised that Duke is back in the fight to make it to the Final Four. They were there last year, but lost to Penn State in the championship match! I am rooting for Duke this year to clinch the NCAA title!

So here are your Top 8 teams…

  • USC
  • Auburn
  • Duke
  • West Virginia
  • Santa Clara
  • South Carolina
  • Georgetown
  • North Carolina


You can watch all four matches on ESPN Nov. 25th and 26th!

You won’t want to miss these games! Who will come out on top and make it to the Final Four for a shot at the NCAA Title!

Keep up with live updates here!word-press-picture-2


Road to the Final Four

Well with UMHB women’s soccer season coming to an end, it’s time to turn our eyes to the NCAA Division 1 soccer!

The journey to the final four is under way and already surprising many people! The teams that you normally see in the bracket didn’t even make it past the second round or into playoffs! Where is Texas A&M?

Where is Duke?? They made it to the Final Four last year in North Carolina and they didn’t even make it into the playoffs this year. This is shocker. I would have expected to see this team at least in the playoffs.

Santa Clara? Who is this team? I don’t really know much other than I have never seen or heard of them in the playoffs! But they went 10-6-4, my best guess is they will not make it out of the second round against Stanford University, who went 18-1-1! Seeing Stanford in the playoffs is not big shock! They were there last year.

Can anyone guess who is in the playoffs again this year? Yup, you guessed it right…the University if North Carolina! They play Kansas who went 11-5-4, my best guess is that North Carolina will be moving on to the second round against Arkansas. Arkansas has had an outstanding season this year. Putting up a fight against some of the best university’s in the country.  They went 18-5-0. The goalkeeper for Arkansas has kept them in some of their toughest games this season. It was so much fun to watch her and as a fellow goalkeeper, she has done absolutely outstanding this season! She won Goalkeeper of the Week so many times!

Will the reigning Penn State bring home another NCAA championship? I got to see that game in North Carolina last year and watching them last year I think they can do it again this year. They have a stacked roster and didn’t lose very many seniors, so all of their best players are back!

You can watch the bracket here to see who moves on to the Final Four! word-press

Cru Women’s Soccer UPDATE

Hey Cru Nation,

Sadly, our season came to an end in the Semifinals on Friday. We were tied at halftime 0-0, but in the second half they scored on us early into the second half. We keep fighting but nothing was going our way. Every senior out there worked so hard to try to get us on the board. But it was awesome and sad to see so much passion poured out on the field for the last time by the seniors. They gave it everything that they had. In the end we couldn’t manage to keep up with UT-Tyler, we lost 3-0.

But for some good news, we had six players that received honors! Chelsea Grahamn was named Freshman Player of the Year, where as Courtney Craig was named Co-Goalkeeper of the Year. Two very influential players on the team that gave us a lot of offensive and defensive support.

Charis Brantley and Madison Link were named to the All-ASC First Team. These two defenders play pretty much the entire game. Each game they gave us their all and left it all on the field. Charis will be missed next year, but she has such a bright future ahead of her. Guys she is getting married in May!!!

Forward Kat Parker and Midfielder Sarah Rempe were also named to the All-ASC First Team. Kat Parker was one of our leading scorers for the season and gave us everything she had when she was on the field. Her powerful shots will be missed next year. Rempe still has one more year left with the Cru. She is a powerful play maker for the Cru and we are excited to see what she will do for us next year.

Read more about the player here!

Thank you guys for all of your support this season and we could not have made it as far as we did with out ya’ll!

God Bless and GO Cru!!!untitled_3


We are going to the Conference Tournament!

Howdy Crusaders! Guess what?!? UMHB Cru Women’s Soccer is going to the Conference Tournament!!! And we are ready to bring home a conference championship for the first time in school history for the women’s soccer program!

We traveled to Arkansas on Wednesday. That was probably the longest and boring drive ever! But on Thursday we played the University of the Ozarks and man did we take it to them. We won that game 2-0!

We traveled all day on Friday and made it to UT-Tyler! On Saturday, we stepped out on the field ready to play! Everyone did there part and seeing us come together as a team was such an awesome thing to see. What everyone does not realize was how big of a game that was for us! We were tied with UT-Tyler for second place. And I will give it to Tyler, they were good! So we either had to win or tie the game to clinch second over Tyler. The game was probably the most intense game I have seen in a while. But we did it, we clinched second by taking Tyler into double overtime.

So now what does this mean?

Well we have a playoff game tomorrow right here at UMHB @ 5:00pmagainst Sul Ross University. So I expect to see everyone out there! We are expected to win the game tomorrow! So this will put us playing on Friday against, guess who?! UT-Tyler! We have to pull out a win over Tyler to make it to the championship game on Sunday!!

Keep up with live game updates right here!word-press-pic

Please cheer us on as we bring home a conference championship!!

Go CRU!!


UPDATE on UMHB Cru Soccer

Hey Hey Guys!! So guess what?! Your Cru women’s soccer team is battling for second tomorrow in conference standings! Plus, we are going to the conference tournament!

All of the team’s work is finally paying off. Each and everyone of the girls has put in so much time and effort in to making it this far. Has a team we have broken records this year. We broke the most shut outs in a season and the most goals scored in one game. Isn’t that awesome? That comes from everyone giving it everything they have and as a team coming together to succeed. This is Cru Women’s Soccer best by far since the program started. Coach Berry Elkins has truly come in and changed the program over these past four years. He has brought the program literally from the ground up. And seeing his vision for the program come together this year, has made it a special year.

Every girl on the team gives one hundred and ten percent. And if we win tomorrow, we will clinched second. Which is by far the best the program has done in school history. Awesome right?!

The game is tomorrow, October 29th  at 5:00pm against University of Texas-Tyler at Tyler. So I know no one is going to want to drive 3 hours to watch and game in the beating sun, but keep up live game updates on twitter and Cru Athletics website.

Cheer us on as we bring home a ASC Conference Championship!!

God Bless & Go Cru!!!!




The University of North Carolina – Chappell Hill

Does anyone know anything about how great this program is? No, ok well let me tell you!

It is every little girl’s dream to play for the Tar Heels of UNC. How do I know this? Because I was one of those little girls! I wanted so bad to play for them, it’s all I could think about growing up.

Why? The Tar Heels have one the NCAA championship 22 times since the women’s soccer program started in 1979, making that an NCAA record. Plus, the team was led by the same coach all 22 times they won, Coach Anson Dorrance. He has built the program from literally nothing. UNC didn’t have a women’s soccer program competing at the NCAA level, all they had was a club team at the college. But in 1977, the girl’s petitioned to be able to compete at a high level.

Over time, as the program grew, women that played for UNC eventually went on to the next level, becoming every young girls’ soccer idol! Women like Kristine Lilly, Mia Hamm, Crystal Dunn, Heather O’Reilly, Yael Averbuch and more! All huge names in for the USA Women’s National Team! A

Just this year, they have had five former Tar Heels named to the NWSL Best XI, including Ashlyn Harris for the Orlando Pride, Tobin Heath for the Portland Thorns, Allie Long for the Portland Thorns, Jessica McDonald for the New York Flash and Kealia Ohai for the Houston Dash. So I would say that they have a very successful program where they are constantly pushing people past the college level!

Now can you see why every little girl might dream of playing for the University of North Carolina?!

Read more about it at….Go Tar Heels!


Go Tar Heels!! Be Great. Be Different.

UPDATE – UMHB Women’s Soccer

What a fight for the UMHB Cru Soccer across the board for both men and women’s soccer!! I got to watch firsthand what pouring you heart out on the field and leaving everything you had inside the lines!

Friday for the Cru, the girls played McMurry University and blew past them with a breeze. The girls made soccer look so easy on Friday. Winning every ball and pounding the goalkeeper from McMurry with shot, after shot. Didn’t make it easy for the visiting team. Caityln Shaunghnessy, a sophomore defender for the Cru, was thrown in a new position of being a forward. Coach Elkins gave her a day to learn and figure out the position, but that didn’t affect her performance at all. She came out on the Stat Leaders with 4 shots and 3 goals, a hat-trick!!

Read more about it at…

Saturday, for the ladies of UMHB, was not at all an easy task! Watching the girls fight so hard for something that they wanted so bad, made for a good game to watch.

The girls fell to the Cowgirls of Hardin-Simmons University, who is ranked #20 in the nation. Both teams put a good fight and you know girls in soccer always make it worth wild to watch when they foul the other girl because they didn’t like something the other didn’t like. The Cowgirls outshot the Cru 14-5, but that bother Courtney Craig, goalkeeper for the Cru, who made 9 big saves to keep it 1-0, so that the Cru to have a chance to come back and tie it up.

But at the end of the day, the girls cannot change the score, but they can move on to clinch second and get a chance at a conference championship!

Cru Women’s Soccer as another chance to bring home the W on Thursday against Sol-Rose University in Alpine!

GO CRU!! Be Different. Be Great.

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Courtney Craig helps hold the Cru in the game with 9 huge saves!